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MobileNet and MobileTranz mobile applications

Mark Biesiada
posted this on April 29, 2013 09:14 AM

Applies to:  MobileNet and MobileTranz applications. 

GlobalTranz has created two mobile applications for your use. See below for detailed information about both products.

MobileTranz allows you to book and manage shipments on Android tablets with 10.1" screen size, iPad standard and iPad mini screen size tablets.  You can download the application on approved devices by directing your tablet browser to  You can use your Command Center login with MobileTranz.  If you do not have a Command Center login, please send a request by email to

Also, we've published an overview of MobileTranz in the January edition of The Globe.  Feel free to check it out at on pages 4-5 for more information.  You may also refer to the attached Quick Reference guide.

MobileNet provides a summary of shipment and revenue information for your company.  MobileNet is available for download on the Goodle Play and Apple store for use on mobile phones and tablet devices.  You will need a login for MobileNet - to get your personal login, please send your request by email to

Also, we have created a handy users reference manual with detailed login information and an overview of the application.  Please refer to the attached document, MobileNet Reference Guide.pdf.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.